Traditional The Long Airtech Football League


Aiming to improve the health and togetherness of employees in ATV Family, We- ATV Union hold The 7 Mems – Traditional TheLong Airtech Football League, with:


– All employees of ATV.

– Guests of ATV who received the invitation letter.

– Participants should be physically fit, no cardiovascular disease or other illnesses that effect on their health and the quality of the match.


– ATV Group’s soccer uniform

– In case of the same uniform, draw to choose

Number of team: 3 teams

Team 1: Coalition 1 (Engineering Part + Finance Part + guests if any)

Team 2: Coalition 2 (Business Part + Project Part + Purchasing Part)

Team 3: Factory HY

Time: Draw

1st match: Team 1 Vs Team 2: 18h, Tue, Jul 31st 2018

2nd match: Team 1 Vs Team 3: 18h, Wed, Aug 1st 2018

3rd match: Team 2 Vs Team 3: 18h, Thu, Aug 2nd 2018

4th match: The Final Match: 9h, Sun, Aug 5th 2018 in Ba Vi Stadium.


The Winner: Cup + souvenir flag + Money (8mil)

The Runner up: Souvenir flag + Money (4mil)

The Style: Souvenir flag + Money (2mil)

The Top Scorer: Souvenir flag + Money (1mil)

The best goal keeper: Souvenir flag + Money (1mil)

The best player: Souvenir flag + Money (1mil)

Contact the captain of each team to know more detail of tournament.


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