Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day: Business with an industrial wave 4.0

As a core force creating the source of material wealth for the economy, businesses, led by a team of Entrepreneurs are always pioneering in all fields of production, business, social security contribution and integration. gender. On the occasion of Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day 15 years, the group of reporters BNEWS / TTXVN met young entrepreneurs and noted their thoughts and concerns before a new opportunity from the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Mr. Nguyen Khac Long – General Director of Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company: “Human is the decisive factor for the success or failure of the Enterprise”

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place on a global scale, creating many changes in all aspects of socio-economic life. In the context of Vietnam’s economy integrating deeply into the world economy, the great fluctuations from the Industrial Revolution 4.0 have had a strong impact on the Vietnamese economy in general and each enterprise in particular. Digital technology is applied in industries, agriculture and services; it appears more and more new forms of business, services, cross-country, based on digital technology and the Internet are creating many job opportunities, income, utilities, improving the quality of life of people..

The construction of e-government and digital government has been drastically implemented. But in reality, our country is still at an incomplete stage of integration. Currently, group businesses are still fumbling to use products imported from developed countries.

Airtech The Long has more than 10 years of experience in the field of consulting, design, installation, construction of clean rooms, manufacturing of clean room equipment, filters and mechanical equipment and is one multi-national of Airtech Group, which is consists of 8 members (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan (China), Singapore, Germany, India, Vietnam). This is the leading group in researching and developing products serving in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, liquid crystal and semiconductors, hospitals, laboratories and universities…

With its industry, in line with the general development trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Airtech The Long has invested a new factory focusing on 4.0 technologies (fully automatic machinery, combined with software to report progress and errors of products), reducing the impact of labor use, competitive prices, towards the domestic market and export.. 

These modern machinery and equipment have saved manpower to only 5 employees and specialized robots  while previously required more than 20 people operated machines. Instead, our human resources focus on product development and research, to meet the needs and tastes of the market.

In business activities, we have been innovating methods and processes to adapt to the trend, to meet the needs of the market, through interactive training sessions to improve public technology as well as soft skills.

Through the things that have been implemented, I myself find my business has been changing day by day with a positive trend. Work productivity is enhanced by unlimited creativity as well as a passion for learning and research.
At present, Airtech The Long has launched high-tech products, meeting the strict criteria of demanding markets and customers.

In the future, we will continue to exchange and learn technology 4.0 to absorb the best trends for the production of high-tech products that meet not only the domestic market but also reach the more fastidious international markets.

It can be said that in the process of formation and development, in every age, people are always the decisive factor for the success or failure of an enterprise. Especially in the current 4.0 era, attracting and using as well as retaining talents is always an issue that every business must focus on. No business can survive without good human resources to meet its development orientation. To understand and deeply appreciate the role of human resources thereby effectively using human resources to create surplus value for businesses.

In order to become a truly successful business, employees in that business must be stressed about human values such as honesty, personality and humility. The way to ensure that employees have the above factors is to look carefully at the ethics of the work reports, comply with ethical rules or offer training programs which is focus more on ethical.

No matter how talented an employee, their ethical values are not appropriate, they cannot work with other employees in the business. In particular, a leader when choosing employees should choose people who can complement their own defective elements and really love the job, not a talented but prideful person who does not listen to the advice of whoever.

In order to make the most of the achievements of Industry 4.0, in my opinion, Vietnamese enterprises need to apply 5 elements well. It is focusing on integrating digital technology, promoting the development of digital-based production and business solutions to serve production, business and customer care. Businesses need to develop new skills for each individual, participate and effectively use the smart supply chain created from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, closely linked to customers’ needs.

Consider human resources as the most valuable resource of the enterprise and have a long-term human resource development strategy; in which, there are solutions to improve the quality of existing human resources of enterprises, especially key staff and experts. Enterprises must attach importance to “restructuring” in the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Finally, the application of new scientific and technological advances in Industry 4.0 to corporate governance, construction, project management, promotion and product introduction.

However, trying only by individual enterprises or entrepreneurs is not enough. In my opinion, so that businesses can catch up and even increase profits with this 4.0 technology era, I personally want the Government to speed up the construction and completion of a complete and comprehensive legal basis for the develoyment, construction and development.

Strengthening management by laws, mechanisms, policies, ensuring healthy competition between economic entities when participating in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 market. At the same time, the Government creates many good and open policies so that businesses can easily access and discuss with potential markets.

In addition, the Government implements mechanisms and policies to strongly encourage entities in the economy to research, apply and develop science and technology, especially high technology into the production and business process and Other areas of social life to keep pace with Industry 4.0. The factor of developing high quality human resources for this revolution also needs to be considered.

Excerpt from:

Airtech The LongOctober 13, 2019

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