Pharmedi 2016 Exhibition

PHARMED & HEALTHCARE VIETNAM (PHARMEDI 2016) is the largest health event in Vietnam, attracting more than 400 businesses, with 600 exhibitors, more than 10,000 trading visitors from 21 countries and territories, introducing the latest technological advances and achievements of Vietnam and International Health and Pharmaceutical industries.

As one of more than 400 exhibitors, The Long International Technology Co., Ltd proudly presents to customers the following products: Biological safety cabinets, Clean bench, Air shower, Pass box, FFU , HEPA air filter, Bug keeper, … are manufactured in Vietnam by the factory company The Long according to Japanese technology branded Airtech Vina. The stall has received the attention and support of customers at home and abroad. Customers who come to the booth appreciate the product quality and the capacity of the corporation.

Here are some pictures at the exhibition.












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