Spring Meeting 2018

On the morning of February 21, 2018 (6th of Lunar New Year’s), AIRTECH THE LONG JOINT STOCK COMPANY held a “Spring” ceremony at the beginning of the year Binh Than 2018. This is the annual activity of the Company every year with the expectation that all members to enter the new year with a spirit of excitement and success.

Attending the opening ceremony, the Board of Directors of the company and all employees, in the bustling atmosphere of the new spring, everyone wished each other good health and peace, starting a working year with lots of luck, success.

On behalf of the Board of Directors Mr. Nguyen Khac Long – General Director of Airtech The Long JSC sent a wish of good health, happiness and success. The General Director highly appreciated the efforts and efforts of all employees – employees in the past time, and the CEO promised to accompany, encourage and create the best environment for an effective year of the whole company. .

At the beginning of the new year, the Directors of the Division also sent their wishes and promises to try harder to join the members to achieve the best results. Not only stopping at the spring greetings, The Long Group also has the opportunity to handed out lucky money, handed out cup of early spring wine, wish each other a healthy year to have a sublimated year at work as well as in life.

Some typical images in Spring 2018:




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