The 11th anniversary of the establishment of The Long Company

Factory Director 319.15 319 Corporation of Defense congratulated

Founded on March 13, 2007, over the 11-year journey of formation and development, from the initial arduous steps, The Long has united efforts, experienced numerous difficulties, ups and downs, gradually developing and increasingly asserting a foothold in the domestic and international market in the field of industry and clean room equipment. The company is always proud and will always try to give customers the best service.

The Vice President of Trade Union on behalf of the Trade Union of the company offers flowers

In 2018, with many challenges and goals to be achieved, The Long continues to take the lead in technology, develop both in breadth and depth, and gain a high position in the No. 1 Cleanroom Equipment manufacturing industry in Vietnam, the 2018 orientation will boost exports to more demanding markets.

The Long wishes to send our gratitude to all customers, partners, mass organizations and all employees who have always stood by the Company’s development journey during the past time. To find out more about the main product, Clean room equipment please see the link.

The Long 13/03/2018

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