Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company invests a shuttle bus to serve officials and employees

To ensure safety and create favorable conditions for all officials and employees, The Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company decided to mobilize 2 employee shuttle buses at the factory in VSIP – Hai Duong.

The support for employees to go to work in a time of traffic safety is an serious problem that is perfectly reasonable, showing the company’s interest to practically care for the lives of workers.

Ensure safety and health to meet the work schedule at the factory. Creating an ideal working environment for employees, this is also a guideline in the path of building and developing sustainable human resources of the Company.

According to the information from the Company, these are only the first two routes to pave the way for the next time when the demand for manpower increases, the Company will invest and mobilize more such buses.

Starting in September 2019, 2 shuttle buses of Airtech The Long will officially operate. The specific vehicle schedule is as follows:


Hà Nội – VSIP route

Gia Loc – VSIP route

First point

144 Viet Hung – Long Bien – HN

Dai Tinh – Hoang Dieu – Gia Loc – Hai Duong

Departure time

6h40’ a.m

6h40’ a.m


Follow the old 5A road

From Hoang Dieu, follow Tu Ky – Gia Loc -> Highway 37 -> Hoang Long crossroads -> Old 5A street

License plates

29B – 177.06

34B – 006.31

Type of vehicle

29 slots

16 slots

Driver phone

Mr.Hai 0907.485.767

Mr.Tỵ: 0393.778.279


Ms.Hoai: 0915.280.037

Airtech The Long T9/2019


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