The award of Good worker in the capital in 2018 – Airtech The Long

In the lively emulation atmosphere of the historic May days, May 11th, in Uncle Ho’s hometown – Nghe An Province, the Hanoi Labor Federation solemnly held the Commendation Ceremony of “Good Capital Workers” in the year 2018.

Representing nearly 2.5 million workers in Hanoi, 100 “excellent capital workers” were commended in 2018 as beautiful flowers to the beloved Uncle Ho to celebrate 128 years of his birthday. This is also a meaningful and practical activity to celebrate the success of the 16th Hanoi City Trade Union Congress, term 2018 – 2023; Celebrating 132 years of International Labor Day 1/5 and responding to “Labor Month” in 2018 launched by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

Representative of good workers in the capital in 2018 at the ceremony of giving incense to Uncle Ho

Imbued with the teaching of President Ho Chi Minh, “Emulation is the best and practical way to make people progress, emulation helps to unite more closely to emulate forever” and “Emulation is patriotism, patriotism must be emulated, the emulation people are the most patriotic “, in recent years, the emulation movement” Excellent labor “, especially the Movement striving to win the title” Excellent workers in the Capital ”Has been actively implemented and responded to by the Capital Trade Union and Labor Union authorities. It can be said that the movement of excellent labor striving to become excellent workers in the Capital has affirmed the influence and great impact on business and production activities of enterprises, positively enjoyed by the business community and workers in all application fields. Through the form of honoring excellent workers with excellent achievements at the level, has created a strong spillover, creating a lively atmosphere in production labor, arousing the will, enthusiasm and passion and the sense of responsibility of the employees. The creativity of workers is increasingly promoted, recognized by the business community.

Mr. Do Phuc Khiet received a certificate of merit at the ceremony honoring Excellent Workers in the capital in 2018

In the same atmosphere of emulation, the representative of Airtech The Long was honored to be one of the two members of Long Bien District and among the 100 excellent workers of the whole capital in 2018 and participated in the ceremony of giving incense to the Uncle Ho. He is Do Phuc Khiet, a worker who has many years of experience in welding, with beautiful and high quality welds. For many years, he has always been an excellent Worker as well as an excellent Project leader. At work, he always shows the bravery of a leader, a senior, with the spirit of helping and accompanying his colleagues. This achievement is a relentless effort of himself and the help of the Company so that he can have the best and most professional working environment.

Airtech The Long has for many years not only created a job as well as a stable source of income for many Workers, but also always created conditions for its associates to develop to the best of their ability and to encourage encouragement. so they can interact and learn to perfect their skills in a true professional environment. It is expected that every year the whole company will always set new achievements on all activities, so that employees and businesses are always on hand to grow together!

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