The decision to appoint new positions in 2019

On 11/02/2019, The Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company has decided to appoint some new positions to meet the on-going project. As planned, the large-scale and modern medical equipment and cleaning technology factory in Vsip Hai Duong Industrial Zone is going into the construction phase. Therefore, the decision to establish and appoint a number of new positions during this period is very necessary and timely. Meet qualified and capacity staff to fit the management with increasing professionalism. At the ceremony, General Director Nguyen Khac Long on behalf of Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company read the decision to appoint the position to the officials:

1. Decision to appoint Mr. Vu Cong – Deputy General Director of the Company

  1. Decision to appoint Mr. Bui Trong Vinh – Production Manager

  1. Appointment Decision Mr. Tran Van Thang – Head of Assembly – Installation – Warranty Department

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