Year-end summary and year-end party 2017

On February 4, 2018, The Long group jubilantly held a year-end party at the Him Lam palace Convention Center – Long Bien Hanoi golf course. The event was attended by all employees as well as families of members of the company.

Every year, The Long group always organizes a year-end party to summarize the operation process of the company throughout the past year, and it is also a condition for exchanging, meeting as well as encouraging and rewarding for collective individuals. excellence of the year. To close solidarity and thank all the employees who have always stood side by side with The Long throughout the past time and in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Khac Long – General Director spoke on behalf of the Company’s leadership

Opening the program is the traditional song of The Long group, then the speech and emotional sharing of the General Director Nguyen Khac Long.  Summary of 2017 with the rapid development of both personnel and business activities, along with the relentless efforts of all employees. Besides the experienced team is the young enthusiastic team, in 2017 brought The Long to a breakthrough and comparable to the international level. In 2018, CEO has great expectations for all employees will be more enthusiastic, more devoted and more aggressive to bring the company on the development.

Also in the ceremony, many individuals were honored and rewarded for their hard work and contribution to the development of the Company.

                               Honoring outstanding individuals in 2017

Finally, General Director would like to thank the appearance of the family members in the company who have always stood by their employees. Showing deep gratitude to the family has always created conditions for all members to unleash creativity and sublimation at work.

Collective of workers and employees take souvenir photos with the family

The Board of Directors of The Long group also did not forget to take care of the future of the country, wish the children always healthy – care – good.

Giving love to the young members is indispensable in the year-end party

The ceremony ended in joy and happiness, in the uplifting emotion sent into the voices of the voices, in the warm cups and the warm year-end party.

Here are some typical images of the party:

Thelong group 2018

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