Auto door air shower

This type of Air shower is constructes with an automatic door.

The door can be selected from double pulling type, stretching type, semiautomatic type and so on. Opening and closing activation is selected from methods such as light switch according to customer ‘s request. The doors on both sides are interlocked and are not opened at the same time. For emergency use, an emergency switch is attached.


  • Using DC brushless motor and LED lighting, low power consumption.
  • Install high effective injector pulse jet developed by the companies (patented)
  • A full-length mirror for checking out, used as a standard equipment. (In the application for design registration)
  • Changing voice easily by using SD card
    * You can download the audio data from the link at bottom of this page.
  • Conduct a quick cleaning after air jet by ceiling air curtain
  • Fans, lights installation will automatically turn on, turn off after set up time.
AAS-8016AA(Kéo 2 bên)
Dust collect effiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μm
Main filter:HEPA filter(3A-916150TLLAUF)×2
Pre filter:saran net filter (400×350) ×2
Air volume
Air jet:Abt 23m³/min、Circulating:abt  12m³/min
Wind speed
Air jet:Abt 25m/sec
Number of cycles
Air jet: abt 884 times/hour、Circulating:Abt 416 times/hour
Air jet nozzle
22 pcs(inside pulse jet nozzle:6 pcs)
Air jet start
Using photoelectric sensor and door limit switch, not blow back.
Power supply
AC200V 3Φ 50/60Hz
Power consumptin
abt 560W(abt 2.9A)、Circulating:abt 100W(abt 0.6A)
Equipment power
AC200V :abt 1200VA
AC100V :abt 800VA
Fan switch, light switch, timer
abt 430kg
Body:powder coated steel、Floor:None、Stand-mirror:SUS surface
Audio device
Changing voice easily by using SD card


You can download the audio data from the following link.

Download zip file from above link, please rewrite the sound in pdf

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